Who am I ?

Hi ! I'm Andrea, a Visual Communication student living in Belgium. I'm a half french half argentine little been who was born in Paris. I spent my all childhood in Spain. I'm lucky to study something I trully love and stimulates my creativity. In the futur, my dream would be to do graphic design for corporations, associations or individuals with whom I share the same values. But I have many other projets, like creating board games, publishsing books for children, organizing workshops, etc ! I'm not afraid of traveling to seek new opportunities. I wish to meet plenty of new people all aroud the world, and grow from these experiences.


I love making handmade
typographies and illustrations
and discovering new technics


I try my best to be aware
of the messages the visuals
I create are sending to society


I try everyday to be more aware of the
impact my work has on the evironment
in order to find solutions